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A dynamic and enthusiastic team!

ELIKYA inc. is a new entity specializing in the distribution of a different kind of cosmetic "ethnic products". The working team of this entity has extensive experience in customer service.

The products distributed by ELIKYA inc. are carefully selected by professionals whose primary objectives are to meet your expectations.

We certify the authenticity of the MAKARI de SUISSE product line, a lineat the forefront of excellence in research and development. Indeed, these products are manufactured in Switzerland — a country renowned for its rigor, its know-how and finally its quality requirements.

Our sales outlets, as well as the whole team, ensure your satisfaction. The cornerstone of our growth policy in Canada is mainly based on your satisfaction.

The MAKARI de SUISSE product line combines two big characteristics: quality and performance.

MAKARI de SUISSE, world-renowned products you can safely trust. A design, as well as a production, with the unique goal of meeting your most intimate needs.

The MAKARI de SUISSE products would improve your well-being. For example, Hydroquinone is not an appropriate ingredient for you and its use can be harmful.

By spending a fewmore dollars, you would get exactly what you want through our technology that uses non-carcinogenic ingredients that will make your body more radiant and resplendent.

Our after-sale service is worthy of the highest standards prevailing in the cosmetic industry.


Premium products for women like you who want to take care of their body (beauty).

Call us at +1-514-573-2986 for more information about these products, or visit our website:

We advice before and after your purchases

We have some whitening products including

  • A Beauty Whitening Body Milk,
  • A Caviar Whitening Glycerin,
  • Face Care products,
  • A Skin Repairing & Clarifying Serum, and
  • Soaps.

Those products are made with our latest technology called UWS (Ultimate Whitening System), a new approach to skin's whitening cosmetics.

We also have some face care products including

  • A facial Clarifying Peeling Cream,
  • A Peel-Off Mask,
  • A Deep Antiseptic Lotion
  • An Ultra Moisturizing cream with Shea Butter and Argan oil,
  • A Hand, Foot and Elbow Clarifying Cream.

With those products, you will get clear skin, fresh and flawless.

We offer a line of products specifically designed to fight acne. They fight excessive sebum production; moreover, they have an antiseptic action, and finally they contain active softeners and brighteners.

We also offer a range of make-up including Compact Powder, Liquid Makeup, Eyeliner, Mascara, Pencil, fixating Loose Powder, Lipstick and Makeup Remover Lotion.

We bring you the information needed for a responsible consumption

The skin is a living organ that reacts to the environment inside and outside.

The nutrition and the well-being of your skin follow the same basic rules as the ones of your diet. Like you, your skin needs a varied and balanced "nutrition".

Having a beautiful skin requires a meticulous attention because all skin is "not naturally beautiful".

Certainly, it is important to know the right cleaning method and follow it, but you must also comply to a strict discipline in order to ensure that this habit becomes a pleasant routine every morning and evening.

For instance, the skin should be cleaned every morning and every night, whether we put make-up on or not!

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